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Are We Sitting Comfortably?... - sumdaysumhow
Are We Sitting Comfortably?...

Then we shall begin.

Last week I had my first ever GCSE exam in modular science.  It went quite well all things considered.  I spent all of the morning before it comnplaining about being nervous and everyone else was completely fine about it but then after we came out from the exam (as if by magic)  our possitions had swapped and I was saying how easy it was whereas everyone else told me that it was really hard and they thought that they'd done really bad.  To be honest, I was lucky because all of the questions were to do with stuff that I'd revised the night before.

But anyway, enough of the boring administrative stuff and on to the fun administrative stuff (yeah, cos that really exists) I found out that there is an history field trip to Ypres in Belgium.  I really want to go but I don't know if my friends are or not.

Finaly, My friend Abbie was competing in the National Fencing Finals in Stoke at the weekend.  She did very well . After the poules she was 38th out of 52 with 13 points and she came 5 out of 7 in the poules.  She beat one girl 5-0 another 5-4, but she got knocked out at the first round of DE and she said it was  a great learning experience and she is very pleased with herself.

 Thanks, Im here all week (if I can be bothered)

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